Reliable Heating Service, Repair, and Maintenance in Lakeland, Brandon, and Tampa


Lore Heating systems require periodic service to maintain the level of efficiency required to operate properly. By maintaining your heating system, it will remain highly functional and safe for years.

In addition, should something become worn or damaged, we repair all major types of heating systems. So, if something goes wrong, such as the system failing, making noise, or not heating properly, we are available to make those repairs.

Your Heating System might need repairs if:

  • It isn’t providing sufficient heat.

  • You have high energy bills.

  • You hear loud or odd noises coming from your heating system.

  • Your home is unevenly heated.

  • It’s blowing cold air.

Heater Maintenance FAQs


Is it OK for refrigerant (FREON) to come out of my heat pump?

Refrigerant should never come out of your heat pump for any reason. If this happens, call us immediately.


What can I do to protect my unit and how can I keep it clean?

In addition to regular professional maintenance, changing the air filters and keeping the outside portion of the unit free of debris and weeds will prevent problems.


What is happening when I see ice on my unit?

Sometimes, a heat pump will have a light coating of frost or even a little ice as part of its normal operation. However, if it becomes a block of ice or the unit is frozen over, there is a problem, and it needs to be addressed by a service professional.


How Often Should I Replace My Furnace?

Replacement of a furnace depends on many factors, including type and use. There isn’t an easy way to tell if your furnace needs to be replaced unless something goes wrong. Your heating and cooling service professional will tell you when the unit is no longer acceptably functional, as well.


How Do I Choose the Right Thermostat?

The type of thermostat you choose will be based on your system, needs, and lifestyle. If you’re away for extended periods of time and want to save money on maintenance, a Smart option is the best type. Certain energy programs also require a specific kind of thermostat.